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Spring term in Reception


This term our topic will be:


Exploring our World


 The topic begins at the end of the first week of term when a mysterious visitor arrives in Reception, delivered in a special parcel. Peter is lost and writes us a letter, asking for our help to find his home. In Reception, we are going to become explorers, to try and find out where Peter's home is. Over the next term we will be exploring: 

  • The Arctic
  • Space
  • Under the Sea
  • The Jungle

                              ...carrying out lots of fun activities and investigations as we do so.


Books we will be reading together include:

  • Snow Bear
  • Stick Man
  • Whatever Next! 
  • Wanda's Space Party
  • Rainbow Fish
  • Rumble in the Jungle
  • Why Elephant has a Trunk
  • Non-fiction books about places around the world



In Religion we will be learning about Baptism and People Who Help Us, with a special focus on the role of the Priest. After half term, we will be exploring the significance of Lent starting with Ash Wednesday Mass, and then moving on to learn about the story of Jesus' death as we finish the term with Holy Week.

Our Religion lessons will be very practical with lots of visual aids, drama and child participation, so that the children can understand the topics we are learning at a level which is applicable to them.


To find out more about what we will be doing in each of our Areas of Learning, click on the link below:


Topic Web for Spring - Exploring Our World


This term we will be having a big focus on hand writing, learning to write sentences and number work. We will let you know more specific ways you can help your child, but there are a few things you can be doing all of the time:

  • Encourage your child to write as much as possible - lists, letters to real or imaginary people, simple stories, labels for pictures they have drawn etc. A clip board with paper attached works really well as you child can write in different places and at different times. Have notebooks and paper of different sizes, shapes and colours to make it more interesting for them. To begin with, you may not understand all of their writing but this is an important stage (called emergent writing), so if they are doing their own writing encourage creativity and ideas and don't always correct what they have written. However, if they are doing 'formal' writing with you, please make sure each letter is correctly formed, especially in their name, and encourage them to use 'phoneme fingers' to attempt to segment words.
  • Work with your child to recognise numbers to 10 and then 20 if they don't already know them. Practise in fun ways - use number cards and make trails around the house, or have tricky numbers stuck on the fridge or going up the stairs. Numbers 12,13 and 15 are often the most tricky so practise these more frequently. If your child is confident with numbers to 20 practise identifying 1 more or 1 less than a given number, and solving simple addition or subtractions problems.



Most children will bring home reading books this term if they haven't already done so. Please read with them at home as much as possible and write in their Reading Diary. A few minutes every day is the best if possible.


 Each Monday a 'Weekly Topic Focus' will be posted on the website which will give details of what we are learning at school. There will also be suggestions of things you can do at home to link to the things we are learning. Don't forget to check your child's book bag every day for letters, pictures and information.

We will be doing PE every Thursday afternoon. Your child will need a full PE kit including pumps. Please make sure every item is clearly labelled.

Please send your child with suitable clothing for outdoor play every day -  a warm, rainproof coat (clearly labelled). Please could you also work with your child to help them to take off and put on their jumpers, cardigans and coats independently, including zips and buttons. We will be having a coat fastening competition early this term to encourage this important skill.


Dates for your diary

Wed 26th Feb: Whole School Ash Wednesday Mass

1st March: St David's Day (celebrated in school on Mon 2nd March)

Thur 5th March: World Book Day

w/c 9th March: Whole School Science Week

Tues 10th March: Look at our Learning Day in YR (half day session in school for parents)

Tues 17th March: St Patrick's Day

Fri 20th March: YR Mother's Day Class Assembly & Reading Session - 9.15-10.15am

Tues 24th March: YR Trip to Safari Park (PLEASE DON'T TELL CHILDREN - IT'S A SURPRISE!)

w/c 30th March: Holy Week

Fri 3rd April: Whole School Mass (and last day of term)


Keep your eyes open for more details about these and other events coming up.


We are looking forward to a super term as we continue our learning journey together.


Mrs Poole & Mr Edwards


CBeebies activities for home