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 Welcome to Year 3.

Year 3 Autumn Term 2018

Dear Year 3 Parents and Children,

Welcome to a new school year in Year 3. I hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready to begin your adventure in Key Stage 2. I am eager to welcome my new class and I hope they are looking forward to an exciting year of learning.

This is what we will be learning this first autumn half term….



  • Belonging – We gather as God’s family.

This unit involves the children exploring the different groups to which they belong. They will study the sacrament of Baptism as a Sacrament of Belonging to the church. They will also learn how Catholics celebrate this belonging through Mass.

  • We listen to God’s Word at Mass

This unit involves the children in thinking about, listening and finding out about the Liturgy of the Word at Mass.



Non Fiction : Was Tutankhamen Killed?


In this unit, the children explore the Big Question: Who killed Tutankhamen? They read the interactive eBook, retrieving and collating information and identifying evidence in the text to support their theories. They investigate main and subordinate clauses and are introduced to the perfect tense. In their writing tasks, they write letters, paragraphs, and finally compose an explanation text in response to the Big Question.


Fiction : Storm By Kevin Crossley-Holland


The children listen to the story and predict what may happen at various points. They focus on character, setting and mood, asking questions as the story progresses and locating evidence in the text to answer specific questions. They understand why descriptive sentences are important and how setting affects mood. They revise and develop punctuating direct speech and then work on nouns, adjectives and expanded noun phrases. The writing tasks involve planning and writing a description of setting, and planning and writing a conversation using direct speech and correct punctuation.



  • Introducing Perfect Form
  • Revising Nouns
  • Revising Singular and Plural Nouns
  • Revising Tense
  • Revising Verbs
  • Introducing Direct speech
  • Revising Adjectives 

Guided Reading, GPS and oral activities will take place on a weekly basis. 


  • Children will receive a spellings list with relevant comprehension tasks each Friday and will be due in the following Friday (at the latest!).
  • Please ensure the children practise these spellings as they will receive a spellings test each Friday morning.




The focus of the numeracy lesson will change most weeks and the children will be allocated MyMaths activities to consolidate their learning. This form the basis of their numeracy homework for the year with additional worksheets sent home if/when necessary.

See below for Autumn 1 numeracy plan





Rocks and soils.


In this unit children will recognise that below the surface of Earth is rock which they may not be able to see. They will understand that over time rocks have been broken down to form smaller rocks, pebbles, stones and eventually soils. They will recognise that there are different rocks and different soils which have different properties and appearances. Children will identify, name and describe different rocks. They will compare and group different rocks and soils based on appearance and properties, e.g. hardness, and they will examine the soil in their local area.



  • French greetings
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Classroom instructions
  • Our Family vocabulary

Art: Ancient Egyptian inspired art including  Pharaoh death masks and cartouches.


History :Ancient Egypt.

This will include learning about the Gods and Pharoahs, pyramids, River Nile, mummification and how the Ancient Egyptians wrote using hieroglyphics. 


Physical Education - Invasion games and ball skills.


Mr Kearney - Class Teacher