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Life at St Christopher's Catholic Primary School

Year 2


Guided Reading

Children will continue to follow a guided reading scheme in Year 2. They will read a guided book together in small groups once a week to the class teacher and in addition to this they will read in a group twice a week to an adult in school. The guided reading will be delivered as a lesson and we will teach new skills for reading and comprehension during these sessions. The book read during guided reading will be the level above what your child is currently at in order to challenge them and raise attainment.

Independent Home Reading

As well as a group book your child will also be allocated a home reader which is chosen by us to suit their current ability (this will be reviewed regularly). This book is part of our school scheme and will be monitored closely as to how the children are progressing. We choose this book for them. We would ask that you listen to your child read this book a little every night and comment/sign in their Reading Diary please.


  • Children will receive a spellings list and a small piece of homework every Monday. This will be due in on the Friday of the same week. Please ensure you practise the spellings on the list as they will receive a spellings test on the Friday.
  • Your child's homework will be put in their own folder for them, please ensure they look after this folder and return their finished homework in this folder on Fridays. (If they wish to hand it in earlier then great!)
  • Children will also begin to receive some Numeracy homework to consolidate their learning in class. This will also be set on a Monday and due in on a Friday. (This homework won?t necessarily be set every week).


This final half term in Year Two is all about going on safari in Kenya…


We will be reading the books:

Handa’s Surprise

Mama Panya’s Pancakes

We all went of Safari



Using our stories we will be reading and writing African Folk tales.

We will be writing factfiles on Kenya.

We will be researching animals and finding out about endangered species to write letters.



We are having a big push on our times table knowledge. All children should know their 2 and 3 times tables and be starting to know their 4 times table too. We are teaching the children about division by knowing the inverse relationships of the times table (e.g. 4 x 3= 12, so 12 ÷ 3=4).

Our areas of learning over the next few weeks are:

 Addition and subtraction- using the formal method to solve calculations:

Solving word problems involving multiplication and division and beginning to recognise and record remainders.

Revising units of measurement.

Revising fractions and beginning to compare and foind equivalent fractions.



Learning about our church and about being part of God’s family.




We are learning about The Environment and factors affecting our environment.  



We will be learning about Kenya and going on Safari. We will learn about the animals and key features of a safari. 



We are learning to use algorithms.



We will be learning skills for team games and preparing for sports day.



This is going to be a messy one! we will be making paper mache animals that we have researched and found on safari.





Any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is:  or feel free to call the office to make an appointment to speak with me.   


Year 2 Shared Documents