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Life at St Christopher's Catholic Primary School

Spring term in Reception


This term our topic will be:


Exploring our World


Our topic will begin with the delivery of a mysterious parcel containing a special visitor, Ricky. A letter from Ricky explains that he is lost and needs our help to find his home. Together, we will become explorers to try and find out where Ricky's home is. We will have lots of fun learning about places and animals around the world as we try to help Ricky to find his home.

Our learning will include:


  • Finding information in non-fiction books and the Internet to answer questions about locations in our world
  • Sharing Circle Time sessions about friendship and resolving conflict
  • Investigating colour mixing to paint planets 
  • Joining in and creating animal dances
  • Using our role-play post office to write letters to Ricky
  • Designing an alien and writing alien recipes
  • Investigating floating, sinking and life under the sea
  • Using animals and topic objects for counting, sorting, estimating and comparing
  • Playing imaginatively in our jungle explorers camp and preparing for an exciting jungle expedition
  • Performing songs and rhymes related to our topic, including an exciting under the sea show...

                                                        ...and much more!


 Books we will be reading include:

  • Percy the Park Keeper - One Snowy Night
  • Stick Man
  • Whatever Next
  • Alien Tea
  • Rumble in the Jungle
  • Why Elephant has a Trunk
  • Rainbow Fish
  • Commotion in the Ocean
  • Non-fiction books about space and locations around the world



In Religion we will be learning about 'Baptism' and how it is a special way to welcome people into God's family. We will then be moving on to 'People Who Help Us' where we will be learning more about the work of the Priest and will also stories of how Jesus helped people. After half term, we will focus on the important season of Lent, culminating in Holy Week when we will learn about Palm Sunday, the Last Supper and Good Friday. Our emphasis will be on understanding that the cross is a special reminder of the love of Jesus.


To find out more about what we will be doing in each of our Areas of Learning, click on the link below:

      (After you have opened the document, you may need to click on 'Enable Editing' to view it properly)


 Topic Web for Spring Term - Exploring our World


Each Monday your child will bring home a 'Weekly Topic Slip' which will give details of what we are learning at school. There will also be suggestions of things you can do at home to link to the things we are learning. Don't forget to check your child's book bag every day for letters, pictures and information.

We will be doing PE every Thursday afternoon. Your child will need a full PE kit including pumps. Please make sure every item is clearly labelled.

Please send your child with suitable clothing for outdoor play every day - particularly a warm, rainproof coat (clearly labelled). Please could you also work with your child to help them to take off and put on their jumpers, cardigans and coats independently, including zips and buttons.



In maths this term we will be focusing on numbers to 20. If your child does not already know these numbers (to recognise and write) please practise as much as possible. We will also be finding 1 more and 1 less than a number and continuing to practice simple addition and subtraction. We will solve problems involving doubling and halving and begin to learn number bonds to 10. We will be using money and investigating weight with the help of our Post Office role-play area and will be continuing to learn mathematical names for 2D and 3D shapes and the terms to describe them.



This term we will be having a big focus on hand writing and learning to write sentences. Encourage your child to write as much as possible - lists, letters to real or imaginary people, simple stories, labels for pictures they have drawn etc. A clip board with paper attached works really well as your child can write in different places and at different times. Have notebooks and paper of different sizes, shapes and colours to make it more interesting for them. To begin with, you may not understand all of their writing but this is an important stage (called emergent writing) so if they are doing their own writing encourage creativity and ideas and don't always correct what they have written. However, if they are doing 'formal' writing with you, please make sure each letter is correctly formed, especially in their name, and encourage them to use 'phoneme fingers' to attempt to segment words.


Reading Books

Most children will be given reading books to bring home during this term. Please hear your child read at home as often as possible - every day for a few minutes is best. Record this in their reading diary and then return the reading books and diary to school in your child's book bag every day. Reading Groups will usually take place at school on a Tuesday and Friday and books will be changed, but this may vary occasionally depending on the timetable.


To follow shortly:

We have exciting events coming up this term including:

  • Mother's Day Story Session
  • Look at our Learning Day (when you will be invited into our classroom for half a day to experience life in Reception!)
  • Our first school trip

Keep your eyes open for dates.


We are looking forward to an exciting term as we find our magnifying glasses and cameras and start exploring!


Mrs Poole & Mr Edwards


CBeebies activities for home