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Summer term in Reception


This half term our topic will be:


How will we get there?



We will be thinking about different journeys and ways to travel, both real and imaginary.

Our learning will include:

  • Making our own information books about different vehicles
  • Describing what we might see on an exciting train journey
  • Writing a letter / postcard from the seaside
  • Imagining where we would go if we could fly an aeroplane...
  • Finding out which method of transport is our favourite in Reception
  • Using shapes to make, paint and draw vehicles
  • Investigating floating and sinking
  • Making our own vehicles using junk modelling and construction kits
  • Creating musical journeys using our voices and instruments

                                                        ...and much more!


 Books we will be reading include:

  • Mr Gumpy's Motorcar
  • Naughty Bus
  • The Hundred Decker Bus
  • Magic Train Ride
  • All Aboard the Dinosaur Express
  • The Mouse Who Sailed the Seas
  • Non-fiction books about vehicles



In Religion we will be finishing our learning about Pentecost with a focus on prayer and will then be exploring various Bible stories including Noah's ark and David and Goliath.


Each Monday a 'Weekly Topic Focus' will be posted on the website which will give details of what we are learning at school. There will also be suggestions of things you can do at home to link to the things we are learning. Don't forget to check your child's book bag every day for letters, pictures and information.

We will be doing PE every Thursday afternoon. Your child will need a full PE kit including pumps. Please make sure every item is clearly labelled.

Please send your child with suitable clothing for outdoor play every day - particularly a rainproof coat (clearly labelled) and  a sun hat when the weather becomes warmer. Please could you also work with your child to help them to take off and put on their jumpers, cardigans and coats independently, including zips and buttons.



In maths this term we will be consolidating our work on addition and subtraction, using number lines to help the children to count on and back to find the answers. It is especially important now that your child can confidently recognise numbers to 20 and is able to find 1 more / 1 less than a number to 20. We will also be counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and sharing objects into equal groups. For some children, we will be using a 100 square to explore numbers to 100 and investigate number patterns. We will be solving problems involving time and measurement and will be reviewing names for 3D shapes and learning how to describe them.



This term we will be having a big focus on writing sentences. By the end of the term, your child needs to be able to write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others. This does not necessarily mean that every word is spelt correctly, but they do need to apply their phonic skills to segment words and use the sounds they know to make a good attempt at spelling them. They also need to include the tricky words we have been learning and capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. For some children, we will also be extending sentences and using features such as question marks and inverted commas (speech marks). 


Reading Books

Please hear your child read at home as often as possible - every day for a few minutes is best. Record this in their reading diary and then return the reading books and diary to school in your child's book bag every day. Reading Groups will usually take place at school on a Tuesday and Friday and books will be changed, but this may vary occasionally depending on the timetable.


To follow shortly:

We have exciting events coming up this term including:

  • Our class assembly - Friday 8th June
  • Visit to the local fire station
  • Transition Day 
  • Sports Day
  • End of term 'Teddy Bear's Picnic'

Keep your eyes open for dates.


We are looking forward to a super half term as we embark on some exciting learning journeys together.


Mrs Poole & Mr Edwards


CBeebies activities for home